Vitamix 5200 Super Package Review

The Vitamix Blender is a great product that comes with many features and an amazing warranty that we will talk about in a bit. The great thing about this blender is that you will find yourself blending not just to be healthier, but you suddenly crave the new found tastes of juicing with a blender, and your confidence will be backed by a phenomenal 7 warranty.

The Health Benefits that Make Your Life Better and Easier

The Vitamix 5200 is incredibly powerful, making any whole foods into a drink very quickly! Some days it gets really hard to find time to fit a breakfast into your busy schedule, especially one that is healthy. The Vitamix 5200 gives you the opportunity to create the perfect tasty mix of healthy nutrients and vitamins into an immediate smoothie every morning for you to enjoy on your way to work or school. You’ll easily be able to convince your kids to get more juice, nutrients, and vitamins into their diets with this delicious snack, and they need it to grow healthy, stay active and focus. The Vitamix 5200 is also quieter than normal blenders while still upholding the power needed to create even the iciest smoothies with great capacity and grind coffee in a pinch. Click here for the best available deal!


  • Powerful 2 Horse Power Motor
  • New high capacity 48oz capacity BPA-free container (designed to create powerful mixing vortex)
  • Variable speed control
  • Amazing 7 YEAR WARRANTY
  • $50 bonus gift included with every new purchase


  • Large container/unit could be issue for storage
  • Takes a few uses to figure out your preferred blending times

One of the biggest downsides to the Vitamix is the price, it is a great quality product but it cost $200 more than its competitor.  The Vitamix is slightly larger than its competitors and can be an issue considering it does not fit under many cupboards so hopefully you have some room for it,  you could just remove the container and store it away until you need to use it. Another small issue is that you might need to guess a little on exactly how long you want your Vitamix to blend your foods to get the desired results. Most people after using these blenders a while prefer their own mixing time anyway, you really have a sense of being able to customize your smoothie and juices. The Vitamix is a great blender that is built with top notch quality, it does not have all the features that the Blendtec has but to each their own.  The Vitamix is a great blender and could be the right blender for you considering it does come with a $50 gift, the great warranty and a 3 hp motor that will chop anything you desire down to its cellular structure. Click here for the best available deal on a new Vitamix 5200.