The Best Smoothie Blenders Buyers Guide

It is not easy finding the perfect blender

Are you constantly on the go, plan to use a blender consistently for cooking, want to avoid a lot of work cleaning, or want to make the perfect smoothie? There are many blender models and brands available to suit the needs of anyone. Because high quality blenders can run several hundred dollars, it is important to do a lot of research before making a purchase decision.

Fortunately, this blog has compiled resources and insight needed to find the best blenders. Here at Consumer Blenders, we have helped hundreds of people find best blenders for them. We hope our simple guides help you too!

The Different Types of Blenders

We found this fantastic guide via Consumer Reports explaining the several most common types of blenders.

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As the video mentions, there has been a boom in popularity of blenders due to the increasing amount of smoothies and juices being consumed worldwide. There are three main types of blenders out on the market: Traditional Countertop, Personal and Immersion.

Traditional Countertop Blenders

The most common type of blender and also one of the most reliable. Countertop Blenders have the most power out of the three types, and are ideal for crushing ice or harder ingredients to make a refreshing smoothie.

Price Range

These models will range from $20 to $650 depending on the quality of the blender. The most expensive models have industrial strength power used by commercial smoothie companies and chefs. Some are even powerful enough to heat soups after running on high blend for several minutes.


Traditional blenders come in either plastic or glass. Glass risks breaking, but plastic can retain smells, stains, and scratch easily. The main feature to keep an eye out for is the blade. In higher end blenders, there are normally angled blades or multiple blades. Both have pros/cons to keep in mind, such as difficulty cleaning and consistency of the blend. Also, make sure the blender you are looking at has a pulse setting. This allows the user to have full control over how much blending is imposed on the ingredients.


A traditional countertop blender is reliable and generally easy to clean. They can crush harder ingredients like ice with ease, and the higher end models will last a long time.


They are bulky and take up more space in the kitchen than the other types of blenders. High strength blenders can also be quite loud.

Our Pick

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender vs the Vitamix 500 is the ultimate blending machine. High horse power for smooth clean blends, easy cleaning, stainless steal blade, this blender is a must for anyone serious about making quality smoothies.